Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 34: anti-immigrant HB125 losing momentum. Do not let SB160 become another HB12, PROTECT SB160

Day 34: anti-immigrant HB125 losing momentum. Do not let SB160 become another HB125, PROTECT SB160

Thursday 03/14/2013. Thirty-Fourth Day at the Georgia Legislative Session.
6 more days for the end of session. Busy day at the Capitol. We got a press conference from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America in the morning against HB512, and a another one in the afternoon supporting Marihuana Law Reform.

Regarding immigration, very late on Wednesday we got the word that there was formed a subcommittee chaired by HB87 author Rep. Matt Ramsey to review SB160 in the House. As we mentioned before SB160 is the Senate version of the original HB125 before it was high jacked by, once again, Rep. Matt Ramsey. The subcommittee meeting was cancelled at the very last minute. Your strong response to the very last minute calls of action can be definitely the reason for that. Thank you very much, keep up the good work. Nonetheless, the formation of that subcommittee shows a clear intention of altering SB160, especially now that HB125 is getting so much heat.

Ergo, the calls of action stay focused on OPPOSING HB125, and we can add PROTECT SB160. If you have time to elaborate, you can go all the way to “The Senate got it right with SB 160, which reads like the original HB 125, and must say NO to the current HB 125.”

Governor Nathan Deal (404) 656-1776
Lt. Governor Casey Cagle  (404) 656-5030
Sen. Butch Miller, Majority Caucus Chair (404) 656-6578
Sen. Jeff Mullis, Rules Committee Chairman (404) 656-0057
Sen. Jesse Stone, Chairman Senate Judiciary Non-Civil (404) 463-1314
Sen. William Ligon, Jr., Vice Chair  (404) 656-0045
Sen. Josh McKoon,  Ex-Officio (404) 463-3931
Sen. Charlie Bethel, Member (404) 651-7738
Sen. Hunter Hill, Member (404) 463-2518

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Also, we got today a visit of this cute group of children from a Muslim School in Lawrenceville.

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