Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 38: Conference Committee for SB160

Day 38: Conference Committee for SB160

Monday 03/25/2013. Thirty-Eighth Day at the Georgia Legislative Session. The plenary of the House passed the amended SB160. Once again, Rep. Pedro Marin was the single voice in the well in opposition to this anti-immigrant legislation. Remember that when you come to the Capitol to celebrate heritage days. Now the process continues with the bill returning to the Senate for agree or disagree to the changes made. We are hoping and expecting the Senate to disagree. And next will come the appointment of the Conference Committee since the chambers do not agree. We still need leadership to help shape the compromise that would come out of the Conference Committee. So for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the message and the people we need to call remain the same:

Gov. Deal (404) 656-1776
Lt. Governor Cagle (404) 656-5030
Speaker David Ralston (404) 656-5020
Message: “Please support ONLY the original versions of HB 125 and SB 160. Let’s not divide Georgia again by debating anti-immigrant proposals.”

The 2013 session end this Thursday. 3 more calendar days.

Pic by Jason Getz from the AJC.

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