Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 36: Now HB125 is SB160 and SB160 is HB125

Day 36: Now HB125 is SB160 and SB160 is HB125

Thursday 03/21/2013. Thirty-Sixth Day at the Georgia Legislative Session. New mess at the Georgia Capitol. As we mentioned, the Senate repealed the version of HB125 that came from the House, and converted pretty much in their SB160, in other words, the current version of HB125 (LC 29 5674ERS) fixes the problem of the Secretary of State, and it is pretty much as good bill. Everything good until now.

However, also as we mentioned, the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee took SB160. Sadly, they just did what we expected too, they added changes to SB160 (LC 29 5682S), and converted it pretty much in HB125.

So now, in their current versions, HB125 (LC 29 5674ERS) is good and SB160 (LC 29 5682S) is bad. What comes now is a back-and-forth between the House and the Senate to make a version they both agree upon, in which leadership is going to take a crucial part on it. Most likely there is going to be very different versions of both bills from now all the way to the end of Sine Die. Ergo, this is our message for lawmakers’ leadership:

Governor Nathan Deal (404) 656-1776
Lt. Governor Casey Cagle (404) 656-5030
House Speaker David Ralston (404) 656-5020

“Please support ONLY the original versions of HB 125 and SB 160. Let’s not divide Georgia again by debating anti-immigrant proposals.”

One more week. End of session is this Thursday 28th. Home stretch now.

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