Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 2: Senate Committee members and a follow up on ethics

Day 2: Senate Committee members and a follow up on ethics

Tuesday 01/15/2013, second day of the Georgia legislation. We start to see regular events already making their way back to the Capitol, such as By the People Lobby Day organized by the ACLU of Georgia, which happens every Tuesday of the session. Also, today was Addiction Rehabilitation Awareness Day, and the organizers did a great job gathering an enthusiastic and numerous multitude in one of the stairs of the Capitol (picture below).

Also, we got the new members of the Committees in the Senate. As you might now, this 2013 GA Senate has the peculiarity of having a Republican super majority, so it is going to be interesting (to say the least) how this is going to play during session. On this note, the Democrat super minority expressed criticism to the new ethic rules that passed yesterday in the Georgia Senate.

Also, there were a good number of first-reader bills introduced in the Senate. We are currently reviewing them. On the House side, it was established that the next week is not going to have legislative days. Given that tomorrow and Thursday will do for the 3rd and 4th Day, the 5th Day would be Monday January 28th. Opportunity for some time off. Hard to complain to that.

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