Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 6: Immigration Reform

Day 6: Immigration Reform

Tuesday 01/29/2013. Sixth day of the Georgia Legislative Session. The most relevant of today did not happen inside the Session, but in the halls of the Capitol. As a reaction of the immigration reform proposals by the 'Gang of 8' of the Senate yesterday and President Obama’s today, old rivals of campaigns pro-immigrant rights show up at the Capitol. Gotta keep an eye on them. Also, the Tea Party was around as well, but their presence was due to the ethics bill that is on the works.

Between the proposals of the Senate and The President, the difference (fairly small as both proposals sounds quite similar) was the path to citizenship. It came across to me that the Senate is asking for harsher conditions for that matter. We will find out soon enough, I am sure.

Leave with a pic of two friends and allies, Krista and Larry. 

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