Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 5: Schedule of the Georgia Legislation until Crossover Day

Day 5: Schedule for the upcoming legislative days until Crossover Day

Monday 01/28/2013. Fifth day of the Georgia Legislative Session. After a slow start, a week off coinciding with the inauguration of the second mandate of President Obama, the Georgia Legislature reconvened today.  As for the main news to report, the House cameout with the schedule for the upcoming legislative days until Crossover Day.

Among other things that happened in the federal level, today a bipartisan group of Senators (the ‘Gang of 8’ as they are called :P ) presented a comprehensive immigration reform package. To make things even more interesting, President Obama is scheduled tomorrow to present his immigrationreform proposal as well. Looks like we finally are going to have a concrete proposal to reform once and for all the national immigration system. Let’s hope and work. In case it needs to be said, this weekend also was the very successful firstGIRRC Immigration Conference. GIRRC stands for Georgia Immigrants and Refugees Rights Coalition, and it is the organization under which we develop most of our actions.

In the Senate side, they reconvened at 10am and left quite early. The most relevant part on that was the presentation of Senator Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) supporting the extension of Medicaid.

That would do for now, leave you with a pic of the colorful event at the capitol today: an elementary school chorus.

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