Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 3: House Committees, first readers bills and Women in the Hall

Day 3: House Committees, first readers bills and Women in the Hall

Wednesday 01/16/2013, Third day of the Georgia legislation. So the committees in the House came out, also its first readers. Bills on HOPE, gun control, immigration, hate crimes, etc. Reviewing them and posting updates as soon as I get anything relevant. We have the chance to talk with Representative Pedro Marin (D-Duluth), the only Latino Democrat in the Georgia Capitol, who mentioned us that he is working on legislation related to immigration and hate crimes, among others. Look for updates in upcoming days. It is worth to mention that when a legislator comes with an idea for a bill/resolution, he/she takes his/her idea to the legislation counsel, so it is drafted in a language consistent with Georgia law. Then the bill/resolution gets a number and it is sent to a committee. The committee reviews the bill in public meetings, makes amendments, and pass it to the floor of the chamber to be debated.

Another regular event started its participation in the session today. Women in the Halls, the advocate program of Planned Parenthood started today as well. Just like the ACLU has its By the People Lobby Days on Tuesdays, Women in the Halls is the advocacy program of Planned Parenthood, and happens every Wednesday of the session. Planned Parenthood is one of the champions for reproductive rights, and right now they are working on a bill called HB7. HB7 is a bill that prohibits the use of shackles on female prison inmates during childbirth.

Stay put because as the legislation takes momentum, there is going to be longer entries here. Also, if anybody has any questions regarding terms or procedure, do not hesitate on ask. Leave you with a picture of the visitors of today: a school music band.

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