Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 14: Pro Gun Rally

Day 14:  Pro Gun Rally

Friday 02/08/2013. Fourteenth day of the Georgia Legislative Session. The high event of the day did not happen inside the Capitol, it happened outside. Given the relevance gun control has taken, there was a pro-gun rally outside the Capitol. I do not own a weapon, and I have not used one in my life yet. I do have family members that are gun enthusiasts, and I have been considered going to a shooting range to try to understand that strong attachment some people have towards weapons. Maybe I end up liking guns as well. So since I have to cover this rally before the next meeting, I was curious about its development, and the argument pro-gun people use to address the gun control discussion.

If anything, the rally was very colorful to say the least, with people sporting from hand guns to riffles, to XVIII-century outfits. Like I said, maybe I got there in not the best moment. But frankly, having a gentleman on full reenactment outfit saying something like “owing guns is not about hunting, or sport, or self-defense, is about standing up to the government”, and the whole crowd exploding on cheers, well, what can say.

If that is the true belief of these people, maybe somebody should start considering planning some fundraisers to buy some tanks and drones, for starters. Otherwise I would like to hear what is the master plan to stand against the most powerful military of the world. 

I left the rally with strong mixed feelings. To my gun-enthusiast friends, a word from a fellow gun-control sympathizer. Review your talking points, and your rhetoric. Messaging like the used in this rally not only reinforces every negative stereotype there is against you and your cause, but actually made you sound like a conspirator, which shriek of irony given that many of you call yourselves patriots. 

I am planning to assist to the next pro-gun rally I hear about. I hope my impressions of it are different then.

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