Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 17: House Dems Shared Responsibility Public Hearing

Day 17: House Dems Shared Responsibility Public Hearing

Wednesday 02/13/2013. Seventeenth day of the Georgia Legislative Session. Today was the third of the public legislative hearings held by the Democratic Caucus of the House of Representatives.

This is a quick summary of the bills presented:

  • HB303: The Gun Safety Act, sponsored by Rep. Pat Gardner and co-sponsored by Rep. LaDawn Jones. This bill will ask for strengthen background check requirements for the mentally ill who seek weapon permits. 
  • The Foreclosure Reform Act, sponsored by Rep. Rahn Mayo and co-sponsored by Rep. Able Mable Thomas. This bill will change the current foreclosure judicial process to give it consumer protections. This bill has no number yet.
  • HB47: The Right To Cure Act, sponsored by Rep. Billy Mitchel and co-sponsored by Rep. Darryl Jordan. Bill to allow homeowners to resolve delinquency without a bank. 
  • HB117: Social Media Privacy Act, sponsored by Rep. Sandra Scott and co-sponsored by Rep. Sheila Jones. Bill to prohibit employers from requesting username, password, or other means of accessing personal social media of employees or prospective employees, with certain exceptions.
  • HB167: Family Energy Credit, sponsored by Rep. Karla Drenner and co-sponsored by Rep. Karen Bennett. Bill to provide income tax credit up to $250 per year for families with an income up to $75000.
  • HB148: Tax Accountability Act, sponsored by Rep. Kim Alexander and co-sponsored by David Wilkerson. This will created an independent panel to review tax subsidiaries, tax credits and tax abatements.

This is a pic from a immigration panel that took place in the University of West Georgia.

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