Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 21: The end for Fulton County?

Day 21: The end for Fulton County?

Thursday 02/21/2013. Twenty-First day of the Georgia Legislative Session.
Yesterday we mentioned the lengthy hearing with some legislators of the Fulton County Caucus. This is the reason why. There are three bill introduced curiously by the same gang of representatives, all of them Republican, which would have a very strong effect in Fulton County.

When one reads these bills, cannot but conclude the effects of these are going to be weakening the government, budget and labor rights of Fulton, which happen to be most of the city of Atlanta. What good it is going to come out of this? I still have not heard it yet. Also, to add up even more spice to it, the bills are in fast track in the Capitol, with a good chance to pass Crossover and become law.

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