Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 20: Trayvon Martin Rally, Georgia budget presentation, Fulton County hearing

Day 20: Trayvon Martin Rally, Georgia budget presentation, Fulton County hearing

Wednesday 02/20/2013. Twentieth day of the Georgia Legislative Session. 10 days until Crossover Day (which is the deadline for bills to switch chambers). We started the day with a press conference from State Senator Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta), to present two bills of his authority, SB146, meant to ban assault weapons, and SB147, a bill to circumscribe the stand your ground self-defense argument to habitations and not public places, in clear reference to prevent tragedies like the Trayvon Martin. Also, Senator Fort announced a rally organized next Tuesday February 26 at 5pm at the Steps of the Georgia State Capitol to remember the legacy of Trayvon Martin and to support common sense gun regulation.

In the afternoon we got a report from our friends of the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute regarding the budget, sponsored for the Democrats House Caucus.

In the evening we have a very lengthy and intense hearing with the Fulton Caucus officials. ‘Coincidentally’ only Democrats showed up; Republicans held a majority of 1 vote in the Caucus. Not looking good at all. More updates relating that coming.

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