Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 22: North Fulton wants to secede and become Milton County again

Day 22: North Fulton wants to secede and become Milton County again

Friday 02/22/2013. Twenty-Second day of the Georgia Legislative Session.
Yesterday I mentioned the crisis that is affecting Fulton County. I got more information today. The master plan is to separate the wealthy residential North Fulton (Alpharetta and surroundings) from the rest of the County. This north part of Fulton was formerly known as Milton County, and it was assimilated to the original Fulton County (the city of Atlanta then) to save it from bankruptcy during the Great Depression, together to the already bankrupted Campbell County (South Fulton). To accomplish the secession of North Fulton (Milton) there has to be an Amendment to the Georgia Constitution. Ergo, our band of seven plus Rep. Tom Rice (R-Norcross) from yesterday created an intricate series of five House Resolutions to accomplish the Constitutional Amendment and recreation of Milton County through Referendum. The resolutions are HR275, HR276, HR277, HR278 and HR279. You can access them here by selecting 'HR' in the top left corner of the webpage, and typing the correspondent number

I try not to be partisan, but the case of Georgia is so serious deserves an exception. And is that I cannot muster any other reason why these Legislators, all Republicans, had such a strong will against Fulton, nowadays ‘coincidentally’ Democrat, poorer, and very minority diverse. It is even more puzzling that it was good to be annexed when Milton was a rural community broke up by the Depression, but now that is back on its feet suffers from this urge to stab its benefactor away and cut off any attachment with the community that saved it from financial turmoil less than a century ago.

In a happier note, today was also a press conference from OFA supporting gun control and the Trayvon Martin rally of next Tuesday. It was hosted by State Senator Lester Jackson (D-Savannah).

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